The Link Program

The Link Program

The Link program is a course made up of four phases which include 17 sessions of reflective work.

Phase One – The Discovery Phase. In these first five sessions, you will be led  through a series of exercises to uncover your old way of operating in the areas you feel stuck.

Phase Two – The Development Phase. Over the course of these four sessions, you get even clearer on your old way of operating as well as beginning to uncover and develop the mindset you operate in when you are doing the things you want to be doing.

Phase Three – Changing Your Mindset.  Throughout these three sessions, you will continue developing and deepening your new Mindset of Truth so that it becomes automatic.

Phase Four – Goals and Planning.  The last five sessions will lead you through getting specific on your goals and the plan that will get you where you want to go. In addition, you will address how you will handle the barriers that come up along the way.

The Link Program is designed to work you THROUGH your barriers and help you uncover a new path for operating differently.  Lastly, developing a plan of small steps that over time leads to different results and ultimately a different life. 

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