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The Link Program

There are 3 options for this online coaching course.  The DIY option, The Best Value option, and the Coaching option.  The Best Value option consists of 11 videos introducing the 17 sessions of self-reflective work, plus 5 podcasts introducing each of the four phases, and 1 thirty minute coaching call.  To see the complete offerings list for each of the three options, click the “Purchase the Link Program” button.  The 4 phases build on each other and are designed to assist you in going deeper to create change in whatever area you are working on. You will walk through uncovering your old way of operating in the areas where you feel stuck, and how to develop a new mindset that includes new behaviors and creating a plan to make it automatic so that you get the results you have been wanting in your life.

After doing the same things over and over, are you Still Stuck? Some call that insanity.

I call it normal. Why? It’s our norm to stay where we are because it takes more energy to change than to keep doing the same things… even if we don’t like where we are.

We all have areas of our lives where we want to move forward, but just can’t seem to get there no matter what we try. If that is you, and you feel stuck, I have great news. It’s not a mystery.  It’s your mindset! AND there is something you can do to change.

If you want to look back on the next year having achieved the things that matter to you, then you are ready to do the work. Still Stuck presents ten simple steps within four larger principles for getting unstuck and to help you move forward toward your goals.

Dig into your life and peel back the mystery of why you are where you are and begin the journey of moving toward a more fulfilling life.

Link coaching client Emily said, “Patterns I had for years began to change. I started to have a peace…and hope that things could be different. I changed!”


Short vignettes on Cynthia’s learning as well as invitations to join her webinars and coaching groups.


Follow along with Cynthia’s short videos and encouragements.


Follow along with Cynthia’s shorts and longer videos and encouragements.

Speaking + Podcasts

If you are interested in following along with some of Cynthia content, join her here.

Cynthia Baker - Training to equip and strengthen your greatest asset – your people. Founder of UnStuck and Link Life Coaching.

Find breakthrough from the barriers that are holding you back in life.

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