Online learning opportunities that will offer you the chance to begin working on an area where you’ve been stuck, and how to change and grow so you begin to see progress. You will have the chance to sit in the privacy of your own space and walk through content and curriculum that you can apply specifically to your situation. It will always end with the chance to go deeper on the thing you are working on.

Coaching Groups

As you listen to others share their struggles and their mindsets around specific issues, group coaching is a different way to objectively look at your own patterns of thinking and acting. Each group will be topic specific as we explore the mindsets that govern them. Examples of coaching groups include body image, perfectionism/black and white thinking, and singleness/dating.

Executive Coaching

Coaching as it relates to your work starts with identifying where you want to go in your career and then the areas of growth you need to make. Next is identifying where your current skills are not helping you succeed at your role or where you are lacking to move to the next level. Many times, the skills that got us where we are are insufficient to take us to the next level and so we enter a period of needed growth. Executive coaching is about working backward by looking at how you want things to be at work and then addressing skills you need to move to the next level and developing a strategy to get there.

Life Coaching

Need help in an area of your life where you’ve been stuck for a little bit or a long while? Coaching is about identifying the patterns of thought that lead to the same old feelings, actions and ultimately, results. Once you reframe your old way of seeing things, changing your patterns of behavior is obvious. Changing your mindset changes everything.

Cynthia Baker - Training to equip and strengthen your greatest asset – your people. Founder of UnStuck and Link Life Coaching.

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